Michael Becker
Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. He is a survivor who grew up in California. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.
Politics 13-1230 - Obamacare Get Covered 500w 262h
Five ObamaCare bombs waiting to explode
The administration is celebrating 1.1 million “enrollments” in ObamaCare through the federal website and they are grasping at straws to spin the
News 13-1127 - Obamacare Train Wreck 500w 273h
Have fun explaining to the hospital that you’ve got ObamaCare
We are four days from the “real” ObamaCare D-Day. Come the dawn of the new year when all those newly covered folks
Opinion 13-1218 - BabaWawa & Barack 500w 281h
Everything you need to know about the major media in 49 seconds
Here’s major media icon Baba Wawa being interviewed by Piers Morgan on his failing CNN “news” show. I’ve edited the video down
News 13-1219 - PJ Boy 500w 250h
Pajama Boy! Top of the News. Who’d have imagined Obama could be THIS desperate?
Pajama Boy is the poster child for D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N. The first time we saw this thing we thought, “What the hell were these
News 13-1218 - Bullet Train 500w 287h
Bullet Train is a bullet to the head of Californians
The California High Speed Rail, aka “Bullet Train”, is looking more and more like a bullet to the head of California’s taxpayers
Opinion 13-1211 - Are you that stupid 500w 268h
You don’t have to be smarter than a rock to be in Congress
You probably already knew that if you’ve followed the trials and tribulations of various members of Congress like Alan Grayson, or Maxine
News 13-1210 - Death Spiral 500w 273h
Obama’s most loyal followers are about to screw him
It was the low information voters, the “youth”, who put Barack Obama back in the White House. Mitt Romney would have cruised
Opinion 13-1119 - Tough Week Grumpy Cat
Another tough week to be President
I’m guessing that Mr. Obama wishes he was back in Hawaii smokin’ choom with the boys. Nobody is making his life easy
News 13-1210 - Sellout 500w 271h
Paul Ryan is a fiscal sell out
We have fond – or bitter – memories of hearing that Mitt Romney was going to pick Paul Ryan as his VP
Video 13-1210 - Knockout Game 270w 187h
Knockout game FAIL. Punk hits the wrong girl.
And she beats the crap out of him. Personally, I think it’s too bad the bystanders stopped her. We don’t know what