Pajama Boy! Top of the News. Who’d have imagined Obama could be THIS desperate?

13-1219 - PJ Boy 500w 250h

Pajama Boy is the poster child for D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.

Pajama Boy

The first time we saw this thing we thought, “What the hell were these people thinking??” Then, after a deep breath we realized we don’t want to KNOW what these people were thinking. O.M.G. Using drugs in large quantities at work is not a good thing.

We don’t write ads. We don’t do what the agencies call “creative”. We’ve dealt with those people from time to time in our career, they laughed at us and frankly, we didn’t mind because when the only colors you recognize are the ones in the “8 Crayola” box you’ve pretty well labeled yourself. We are who we are, we got over it a looooong time ago.

Even we could do better than that though.

We’re sure it wasn’t the intention of Organizing for Assholes to get the kind of response they’ve gotten, but Pajama Boy is way beyond viral. He’s soooooooooooo viral, we’re sure he needs serious shots. We’re betting he’s thinking about having hot chocolate and sharing about how his life is ooovvveeerrr with the Affordable Care Act website chick.

Even if ObamaCare does everything Barack said it would, we can guarantee you it wasn’t worth it to Pajama Boy and the website chick. Especially Pajama Boy.

There are several memes that have developed out this amazing ad. First was simply changing the message and a little help from your Photoshop friends, like this…

13-1219 - PJ Boy-1

Then came Photoshopping in other people…

13-1219 - PJ Lindsay Graham

Then came the side-by-sides…

13-1219 - PJ Rachel Maddow

Then came sliding Pajama Boy into other pictures…

13-1219 - PJ Barack mirror

… or …

13-1219 - PJ Barack selfie

And then there’s just outright ridicule…

13-1219 - PJ Christie tweet

… and when you’ve lost MSNBC, it’s game over.

The Imperial President – and his minions – have to be THE most condescending bunch of [insert your own adjective here, thank you] people on the face of the earth.

The good news is: 2014 is on the way, Pajama Boy had better be featured in a ton of Republican political ads. Nothing is more effective than ridicule, and between “You can keep your plan/doctor/hospital” and Pajama Boy, the ads just write themselves. We suspect even low information voters can figure these out.

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