Everything you need to know about the major media in 49 seconds

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Here’s major media icon Baba Wawa being interviewed by Piers Morgan on his failing CNN “news” show. I’ve edited the video down to the salient point so you don’t have to have radiation treatments from too much Piers/Baba.

Full disclosure, we’ve never had any use for Baba Wawa. Ever. She made her career tossing marshmallows to politicians and has never done one useful thing in her long and worthless life. Up until now. Here, in just 49 seconds – and 49 seconds of Baba is a root canal with no anesthetic – Baba lays out everything you need to know about how the major media Barack Obama got to be President and how he managed to survive into a second term.

Had he been treated as virtually any other politician when he decided to run for President the media would have had a field day and he’d never have been heard from again after about three days of embarrassing questions he couldn’t/wouldn’t answer. But he wasn’t just “any other politician”, he was the One Who could absolve liberals of their guilt.

Just listen.

Rinse your mouth out with cold water and brush your teeth. It will take the nasty taste and smell of the vomit away. And change your shirt. Aren’t you glad we edited it? And, Baba Wawa did the interview on her knees.

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