The Tech Summit?

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In Tuesday’s NY Times:

“WASHINGTON — President Obama will meet executives from leading technology companies like Google and Apple on Tuesday to discuss ways to improve the federal health care exchange website, the White House said.

An Obama administration official said the meeting would cover capacity issues with the site,, which has not worked well since its Oct. 1 rollout. Many people face a Dec. 23 deadline to sign up in order to have insurance on Jan. 1.

It was unclear what Mr. Obama might learn from technology company leaders who have had little to do with health care. But by meeting with some of the most important tech executives in the country, Mr. Obama might be able to reassure some Americans that he can fix the site.”

So, the operative question is, “what took him so long?”

Since March 23, 2010, Barry knew that October 1, 2013 was eventually going to arrive. Didn’t he think he should have convened this forum, oh, maybe on October 1, 2012? You know, perhaps a year before the anticipated start date?

Oops, I forgot. He was embroiled in a campaign (when isn’t he? He does that so well) for his re-election. And it was closer at that point than what the real poll eventually revealed.

But, I digress. Maybe, he could have convened this confab on January 1, 2013, since this was his “signature piece of legislation”. Again, oops. He was on vacation (again) in Hawaii and of course, nothing is more important than vacation. And he was planning his second (and final) inauguration. That, too, was paramount.

Maybe, June 1 would have been a good time. Oh, yeah. Planning the family summer vacation to Ireland (G8) and Africa (New Africa Open Door Policy). And don’t forget about the trip to St Petersburg (G20).

Or September 1? Nope, again. Late summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard and a few rounds of golf. September 15? Come on, folks! Las Vegas awaited his presence. 

Or, September 25? No, no, no! Too busy  telling us (on that proverbial campaign trail again) that he guaranteed we would be able to sign on and order our health care like we were buying stuff on E-Bay or making vacation (something he seems to know about) reservations on Priceline or Travelocity.

As late as September 30, he was out there (on the campaign trail) saying he couldn’t wait until the next day so we could enjoy the panacea that awaited us.

And we know how that all worked out.

Now, finally, 2 1/2 months after the disaster first exploded all over Americans, he has now invited Tim Cook (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Google), Dick Costolo (Twitter), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) and others, to the White House to give their feedback and opinions how this nightmare could be fixed.

Again, the question, “what took so long?”

By the 3rd or 4th of October, this should have happened. Not six days before we are now (via extensions by executive order) required to enroll. And, by the way, wouldn’t it make more sense to delay (executive order again, something he loves to issue) by at least six months and this time, beta site test the system before it goes live?

It’s already a nightmare. Maybe now we could…. Oh, wait! Christmas is coming. Time for another vacation in Hawaii. We’ll get back to this in January.

Tick… Tick… Tick…


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