Coulter Sends A Message


I was listening to Fox and Friends on Sunday morning, as I was meandering through my newspaper apps, when Ann Coulter made a point about abortion and the alleged Republican War on Women. She was citing Pantsuit Nancy who was being asked about this issue on the network whose now fired host, Martin Bashir, was permitted to make terrible, vilifying comments about Sarah Palin, you know, a woman. A REPUBLICAN woman. And stayed on for three weeks after. You know the one, MSLSD, uh, MSDNC, no.. MSNBC.

Anyway, Ms Coulter sent an interesting and, actually, true message to the Pantsuit, the Horse, the Liar in Chief and all the others who use special code words, like choice, women’s issues, women’s health and so many others, just so they don’t have to say “abortion”. Because they know it’s not politically helpful to use the word.
She said, “Half of  of all babies aborted would have been women. If Pelosi cared so much about women, being one herself, she would be against it.”

You know? As simple as it may sound, she is right. And although, I admit that I have used the word “choice”, after the Gosnell case, I have severely modified my position on this. While it is a woman’s choice to make, the end of the first trimester is plenty of time to decide if she wants to keep the baby.

Even in cases of rape and incest, three months is enough time. However, in the case where a mother’s life is in jeopardy, twenty weeks is enough time for that option. In three to four more weeks, the baby is capable of being viable in an incubated environment. Every effort should be made to get the pregnancy to that point. But if the choice is necessary to save the mother or the child, I certainly will choose the mother.

And certainly, I am not in favor of partial birth abortions. To me, that is murder.

If after the baby is born or even before if the baby is viable,  the mother can choose to keep the baby or put him or her up for adoption. But she can’t be permitted to allow the doctor, midwife or other prenatal nurse, NP, PA, etc to terminate the baby’s life. And if the medical person does commit that heinous of all crimes, then he or she must be prosecuted. It’s not even open for discussion.

Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself for trolling for votes this way. Intellectually, she knows she is wrong in her position, as a woman and as a mother and grandmother. She would be horrified if her children chose to abort her grandchildren, and she knows it. The Horse and the Liar are just buffoons spouting nonsense. Pay no attention to these uninformed fools.

Ann Coulter made a valid point. And I agree with her.

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