You don’t have to be smarter than a rock to be in Congress

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You probably already knew that if you’ve followed the trials and tribulations of various members of Congress like Alan Grayson, or Maxine Waters, or Sheila Jackson Lee, or Barbara Boxer, or Hank Johnson who was so worried about the military on Guam because he was afraid the island might tip over.

We could make a long list, but that would detract from today’s example.

Ann Kuster is a Congresswoman from New Hampshire.  We’re honestly offended that she could get elected in the Granite State because we used to live there and our sons were born there.  We have fond memories of New Hampshire and we’re disappointed that enough Massachusetts border jumping Democrats finally escaped the Bay State for lower taxes in New Hampshire but refused to leave their politics behind and elected the ditz, Ms. Kuster.

By way of introduction, Ms. Kuster went home to hold a town meeting so she could talk about the Middle East and answer questions from her constituents.  There are a number of readily apparent things that happened.  First of all, the staff apparently had folks fill out question cards but they didn’t bother to read them or sort them.  Second, it looks like nobody with any sense of geography bothered to brief the Representative on just what the Middle East is.

You might want to have an adult beverage before you click the “play” button on the video.

OK, congratulations, you survived.  That’s more than we can say for Rep. Kuster.

To start with, she didn’t recognize the fact that House Resolution 36 was a product of the House of Representatives where she is a Member.  She seems to think it was a Senate Resolution.  Oops.

As she read it “… to get to the bottom of Bengazi?? …”  Please.

A question from the Peanut Gallery, “What are you going to do about Benghazi?  Why isn’t it at the top of your list?”

Answer, “I’m not here to talk about Benghazi, I’m here to talk about the Middle East.”  OK.  She’s probably eligible for a seat in the Middle East Desk at John Cary’s State Department if she doesn’t manage to win reelection.

An unseen, unnamed male staffer makes an attempt to bail the Congresswoman out.  He just buys her some time but she does nothing with it.  Well, nothing but prove she’s not an engineer either, trying unsuccessfully more than once to put the microphone back in the stand.

If the people of my former state of New Hampshire see fit to reelect this idiot the state should be turned into a nuclear waste dump.

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