Obamacare = ObamaFRAUD


In Monday’s CBS News Report via Media Research Center (MRC-TV):

“Norah O’Donnell’s 20-second news brief on Monday’s CBS This Morning is the sole Big Three network mention so far of the Wall Street Journal’s Sunday report about a “troubling element” of ObamaCare – exorbitant deductibles with the no-frills plans available on the health care exchanges.

O’Donnell zeroed in on the item by reporters Leslie Scism and Timothy W. Martin, who cited a new report that found that “the average individual deductible fora bronze plan on the exchangeis $5,081 a year“: [MP3 audioavailable here.

NORAH O’DONNELL: The Wall Street Journal says health insurance customers are finding another problem under ObamaCare. The new generation of policies have higher deductibles. Consumers have to pay more of their own money before insurance kicks in. The average deductible for the lowest level of insurance on HealthCare.gov is more than $5,000.”

         First of all, why isn’t NBC or ABC reporting this latest farce in the (un)Affordable Care Act? Only Fox had been reporting almost daily on this debacle. Finally, CBS has joined the party. It doesn’t matter why CBS decided to exercise journalistic integrity; it has, and perhaps now, the other networks will join in to report this fraud perpetrated on Americans.
          And, by the way, this information apparently has been known as far back as March, 2013 that the little guy was about to find himself ripped off, once again, by a lie sold by the Liar-in-Chief, and his stooges, Harry the Horse and Nancy Pantsuit. These names work because they act like characters from a Damon Runyon story. Which is really about the scum of the earth.
          The group most likely to be killed by the high cost of this nightmare are those individuals under 40, since, as a group, they are the most likely to be the healthiest. The old adage needs to be updated to read: if you have your health, you have nothing. Why? Because as a group, they have no job which can afford them the luxury (?) to pay the way for everyone else, while they also get to pay back the loans for an education which did not provide them the job they need to pay for the education they will not be using. (Note the unending circle).
         They also, if they are “lucky” enough to have qualified for the home loan they are attempting to pay, cannot afford that mortgage if they are going to be paying over $5,000 as an individual deductible or (gasp) $12,000 for a family plan. And then they get to pay the co-pay or, heaven forbid, unreimbursed, uncovered, out of pocket expenses.
          Not looking too good for you millennials, is it? But Barry still is trying to sell you a pile of dung that is starting to stink to high heaven. And sadly, you desperately want to believe him because if you doubt him now, you would have to admit he played you like a deck of marked cards, and only he knew the code.
          It’s time for all Americans to cut their losses and demand that this absolutely unfair, unconstitutional and illegal law, which strips us of our rights, be placed on hold so that in the next session of this Congress, it can be repealed and that Barry the Liar is compelled to sign the repeal under threat of impeachment. And if the Democrats refuse it go along, advise them that they will not be reelected in the years to come. Something can be said for job security.
          And remember, folks, we are beginning to hear rumblings that the costs under this piece of doggy do-do will skyrocket in 2015. And then what? Will we have to choose between our heath and eating? Is that a choice? Actually, that’s socialism.
          It’s time for the fraud of Obamacare to go. What say you? I say, dump this dung before it gets any worse.
          Or soon, as George Patton is alleged to have said, “We will be shoveling $#!+ in Louisiana.”


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