Filner the Predator

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In Thursday’s Sacramento Bee:
“A day after he was sentenced to home confinement for the unwanted groping of women, former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been sued by another city employee.

City parks employee Stacy McKenzie had already come forward with allegations against Filner, but on Wednesday she became the second city worker to file a lawsuit.

In allegations similar to those of nearly 20 other women, McKenzie says Filner grabbed her from behind, put her in a headlock and rubbed her breasts at a spring event at Mission Bay park.”

It’s amazing that this guy has the “Anthony Weiner Disease”, you know the one, which whatever he does, doesn’t work out too well. At all. No matter what.

He apparently never was taught as a kid that “God gave you two hands to keep to yourself.” That’s sad because now he will end up in court again to try and defend a totally indefensible position in this latest lawsuit.

And sexual predator? That’s Bob Filner. Just like Anthony Weiner, Bobby Boy wants you to think he is cured, learned his lesson, and won’t be doing it anymore. At least, for now, Filner hasn’t tried to reconcile himself with the public by running for another office, like Weiner did.

And if his defense is that it was Stacy McKenzie’s fault, well, that’s is just hubris. He should just plead “nolo contendere” and be done with it; accept his punishment and any fines, than to drag the city, and his family, through another embarrassing trial.

It didn’t work out too well for Anthony Weiner and, certainly, it will not work out for Bob Filner, either. Maybe he needs to just cut his losses, take his medicine and start his amazingly light, three month home confinement without any further public humiliation for his family.

It’s the least he could do. Oh yeah, and get some therapy, too.


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