Another tough week to be President

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I’m guessing that Mr. Obama wishes he was back in Hawaii smokin’ choom with the boys. Nobody is making his life easy this week, but at least Nelson Mandella had the decency to die last week so the President could get out of the country for a few days.

On the other hand, that may not have worked out so well either.

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Michelle doesn’t look like she’s enjoying the trip, and that Cardinal Rule of a Happy Marriage: If momma ain’t happy, nobody ain’t happy makes me think Barack is probably wishing he was back dealing with the press. At least they eventually shut up and go away.

Quinnipiac University Polling published a new poll yesterday, and like all the recent polls this one didn’t have any good news for the President. Perhaps the worst part of all this is the Quinnipiac University Polling is a left of center outfit. They like the President.

Obama’s support among young voters has disappeared, with 49 per cent now saying they disapprove of his job performance

Hispanics’ historic preference for the president shows signs of evaporating, with 43 per cent opposing him

52 per cent of the voting public now says Obama is not ‘honest and trustworthy’ and 51 per cent say he lacks ‘strong leadership qualities’

Americans who want Republicans to control both houses of Congress now outnumber those who fear one-party control

And the bottom line? His approval rating: overall 38%; on Iran 40%; on ObamaCare 34%. It’s a good thing he’s still got the major media on their knees, if he was facing the same media onslaught that Bush faced in his second term Mr. Obama would be facing tar, feathers, and a rail.

Some other problems for the President:

  • Honest and trustworthy? 52% NO;
  • Strong leader? 51% NO;
  • Republican/Democrat generic in the House? 41% / 38% – first Republican lead on Quinnipiac;
  • Percentage of voters who want Republicans to win both houses of Congress: 47%, a plurality.

This poll was taken between December 3 & 9, after the President’s team declared victory over the errant web page, and after the Bureau of Labor Statistics had manufactured goodish news about November jobs. So, on the heels of “good news” the President gets bad news.

Please note: We are not predicting Republican sweeps next November. It’s way too far away to start making predictions or gloating. Today, the momentum is working against the President, but even with that Paul Ryan and the House Leadership just sold out to Patty Murray, arguably the dumbest person ever to win an election, on the budget. And, let’s not forget that John Boehner is looking like a man who is just aching to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

This is not the time to let up or relax, we have to keep the pressure on our Leadership, and it’s very important you keep the pressure on your Congressman. If we relax, the Washington Establishment wins.


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