Rights and Choices

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Here is a question for all those people who support this President’s one-sided actions related to his “signature” piece of garbage that we have found that we don’t like it? I mean, weren’t we told we had to pass the bill to see what was in it, and when it did, we would be so thrilled that Big Daddy was looking after us? Since we were too stupid to make our own choices?

Wait! There’s a word Barry and his minions love to throw around: Choice. Or is it a choice only when it fits the agenda? The liberal agenda. And then, otherwise, we find we have no choice if it involves our own health care.

And, by the way, could one of these geniuses please tell us where in our founding document, that list of suggestions Barry’s Brigade seems to demand we follow only when it fits the argument they want to sell us, we have a “right” to health care? I have poured over this “law of the land” and for the life of me, I can’t find the constitutional amendment which discusses and guarantees health care.

I found we have a “right to bear arms”, right to vote based on gender, race, color, and age for starters, freedom of speech, freedom of religion (not “from” religion), right to a speedy trial,  right from self incrimination and so many other rights and freedoms to which we are entitled, spelled out pretty freely for all to see. But, right to health care, affordable or not? Not a word.

So, based on my research, we don’t have a right to health care.

And, don’t forget choice. We have so many choices available to us, almost like the menu at McDonald’s, KFC, or any Chinese, diner, or pizza takeout. We can choose to have an abortion, practice birth control, or go to any college we want. We have the choice of smoking, drinking and in two states, partake in a pot party.

All without government interference.

But, health care? No, no choice for us at all. Instead, the (un)Affordable Care Act dictates we are mandated, under penalty, to have health care whether we want to or not. And if we don’t? That’s right. Barry is permitted to sic that wonderful, citizen-friendly, “in your face” group of intimidators called the Internal Revenue Service on to us for not participating in an unconstitutional law on so many levels.

Why? Because we chose NOT to comply with this choice-stifling, freedom-stripping, right-revoking piece of crap?

Unless, of course, Barry’s minions have deemed you qualified and eligible for one of those swell unconstitutional waivers and exemptions from the law, you know, since you donated to his campaign or the campaign of someone he likes. Then, the government can exercise its “choice” to free you from mandatory compliance.

So the next time Barry and his people mention the words “right” and  ”choice” and “health care” in the same conversation, tell them to look it up on healthcare.gov and then put a sock in it. Oh, and that suggestion list? You know, the Constitution of the United States? Tell them to follow THAT first, as Barry swore to do so, BEFORE lecturing us on what we have to do.

Uh, Chief Justice Roberts? Grow a pair and find this violation of our rights as choice-loving Americans unconstitutional for about a thousand reasons, at least. And to all you “independent” journalists? Remember this: the day you follow the government blindly, that’s the day you chose not to be free.

My right as an American is the freedom of choice, which every Court has upheld since 1789. What’s yours?
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