12 Reasons Why Barack Obama is NOT One of the Best Presidents Ever * Part 3


Today we’re looking at reasons number seven and eight. Previously we’ve deconstructed Dr. Michael Lynch, Ed.D’s stupid article in PuffHost fawning over the President and savior. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 if you’d like to catch up, I recommend setting aside several hours with lots of adult beverages if you’re going to try to read all of it at once.

As a reminder of just how disconnected from reality Dr. Lynch really is, here’s his opening paragraph.

I have yet to find the words to describe the overwhelming sense of satisfaction I felt on Nov. 4, 2008 when Obama won the popular vote by 53 percent. With tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart, I stood alongside people of color across the nation as we celebrated America’s first inauguration of a black president. As a young black man, I felt a true sense of patriotism as I witnessed our country rally together to show, finally, that we are more concerned about who is the most qualified man for the job, regardless of race or age.

Reason 7. He is for doing away with pomp and circumstance.

13-1205-ObamaLouis-233x300Let’s be real -Obama is one cool cat. As the 44th president of the United States, he has changed the face of the Oval Office forever. Many suggest Obama’s casual demeanor and informal interaction with the American people is inappropriate, and even downright offensive. Millions of people, however -me included -perceive his relaxed deportment, humorous candor and outright honesty as a breath of fresh air.

“Casual demeanor and informal interaction with the American people…” Just what planet are you living on Dr. Lynch? This president doesn’t “interact” with anybody. He and his family spend millions upon millions going on lavish vacations to places only people like Oprah hang out. They send their kids on spring break trips to Mexico and take over the entire beach – they learned that from their mom in Spain. This president “interacts” with campaign bundlers. I’m sure he would have paid more attention to the attack on the compound in Benghazi that killed four Americans had he not had a previously scheduled trip to Las Vegas where he was raising campaign funds.

As for his “outright honesty”, you can keep your health plan. Period. Oh, and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.

What a joke.

13-1205-Solyndra-BK-333h-220w-198x300Reason 8. He is for the environment.

President Barack Obama has taken a forward thinking approach to creating a red, white, blue and green America. His policies and initiatives for a clean energy economy have had an incredible impact on the future of the nation. For instance, the U.S. reduced oil imports by more than 10 percent from 2010 – 2011. That’s more than 1 million barrels a day.

The only thing the President has done is take a forward thinking approach toward insulating his campaign bundlers from liability in their failed green adventures. Solyndra, 123 Batteries, Tesla Motors, etc, etc, etc. The President and his ilk have burned hundreds of millions of dollars on failed ventures.

As for reducing oil imports, 100% of the increase in oil production is the result of initiatives started during the Bush administration and comes from private lands. The President has done everything in his power to stop development on public lands, and production there is down. In addition, the EPA has made major efforts to stop hydraulic fracking, the reason that oil and especially gas production are skyrocketing. Oh, and can you say “Keystone”? The President has spent five years blocking construction of the Keystone pipeline which has done exactly nothing for “the environment” because Canadian oil will simply be shipped to China. Heaven forbid that we import from our best allies just north of the border and further reduce our dependence on the Middle East.

OK, I’m off to the shower with my wire brush. I may have a bottle of scotch first though. We’ll do this again next week and I’m not particularly looking forward to it, I just do it so our faithful readers won’t have to.

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