The Continuing Clinton Saga

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In Wednesday’s Sacramento Bee:
“Former president Bill Clinton says he doesn’t know if his wife will run for his old job in 2016 — and he also says it’s way too early for anyone to start campaigning.

“I think, and she believes, that the country should spend at least another year working very hard on the problems we have,” he told CNN’s Jorge Ramos on Fusion. “We have very serious challenges in America, and we have responsibilities around the world. I think it’s a big mistake, this constant four-year, peripatetic campaign is not good for America. We need to deal with the business we have before us.”

Clinton may not be talking about it, but supporters are already lining up behind potential candidates, including the former secretary of state. Polls indicate that if she launches a campaign she would be the overwhelming frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.”

He is such a sly guy, isn’t he? Trying to keep the focus off Hillary, by bringing her up. Kind of reminds you of the clown who, with one hand tells you to stop, while with the other, encourages you to continue to applaud, right?

Come on, Bill! No one believes you on this issue. You are the consummate politician, the “Spinner in Chief, the “Secretary of Explaining Stuff”, as the current occupant so fondly calls you. We both know that you are far and away the best politician to come down the pike in a very long time. Or ever.

“Hillary is running, no other Democrats need apply” should be the spin. And actually, your comments about the Vice President were very kind, at first blush. But when I thought about it, they were very disingenuous. You complimented the competition, but you really don’t believe the words you say.

You know, Bill, maybe you should hire yourself out as a political science teacher, because no one knows the science of politics as you do. And, as one who studied this subject, ad nauseum in college, I had a lot of adjuncts who knew nothing of this major compared to you. And some of them ran for various offices in New York.

So, please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to make us believe Hillary hasn’t decided yet. She decided long ago, long before you were attorney general of Arkansas. And while her time was 2008, before the nomination was wrested away from her in the Florida and Michigan primaries, her time is now. Because 2020 will be way too late.

But, I am not for her. Instead, I like the chubby guy from New Jersey, who apparently learned a thing or two from you. And knows not to bob and weave when asked serious questions.

But, Bill? Thanks for the fodder for this commentary. I can always count on you to help a struggling political journo wannabe for a good story.

Give my regards to your lovely wife, won’t you?

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