The website works, the world is a safe place!

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You can bet that a major topic of the Sunday TalkingHeads will be Obama front-flacks touting how well the ObamaCare website works. You can also bet your last nickel that every one of them will be armed with stories, and probably video tape, of people who finally have health insurance and their lives are right with the world. We predicted this on Friday.

We don’t have a crystal ball or a Ouija board and we don’t conduct séances. We just read the paper, watch very little TV, and we have a collective IQ slightly over five. Unlike those in the major media or get paid by so-called “progressive” organizations to adjust the President’s performance for the peons.

You’ll be hearing how the ObamaCare website – oh, and please note, they WON’T be using the term “ObamaCare” – is up to handling 50,000 customers per simultaneously and the world is again a safe place. You can tell they’re lying because a) they’re moving their lips; and b) they will refuse the term ObamaCare.

They’re also going to refuse to talk about how many people have actually PAID for their policies – which is the insurance company definition of “signed up”.

They’ll also avoid discussing any of the following.

The news isn’t all bad: Users say the site looks better, pages load faster, and more people are getting through to sign up for health plans.

But technical problems still affect’s ability to verify users’ identities and transmit accurate enrollment data to insurers, officials say. The data center that supports the site faces continuing challenges, and tools for processing payments to insurers haven’t been built. […]

In their last public pronouncement on the effort, three days before the deadline, officials said they had much to do to get the site into a condition where it functions smoothly for a majority of users.

So the system is up and running but can’t verify users identifies, accurately tell insurers who their customers are, or process payments. Oh, and the peeps writing the code said it doesn’t function “smoothly”. What am I missing?

And there’s this from yesterday.

Just hours before the Obama administration’s self-imposed deadline to get the insurance shopping website working for the “vast majority” of its users by Saturday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it was taking down the website for an 11-hour period that would end at 8 a.m. ET on Saturday.

We’ll close out with the final nail in the coffin for today’s talk about how great the site is running. This one comes from the New York Times, well known for doing everything humanly possible to shed a positive light on the President and his “accomplishments”.

But specialists said weeks of additional work lie ahead, including a major reconfiguration of the computer hardware, if the $630 million site,, is to accommodate the expected flood of people seeking to buy health insurance. Without the additional changes, experts predict, the website may continue to crash during periods of peak use.

Beyond the prospect of potential delays for consumers, insurers warn that problems remain in the invisible “back end” that transmits enrollment information to them. That data has been plagued by inaccuracies, insurers say. Administration officials have been unwilling to disclose the error rate.

Six hundred and thirty million dollars for one website. Then tack in the cost of the state-run websites that don’t work either.

Hell of a job Barack. Just what we’d expected from a community organizer.

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