Black-Clad Paramilitary Confiscate Guns In California


This story from Lew Rockwell is extremely disturbing and seems to show the way that American tyranny is quickly headed.  The state of California has set up a black-clad paramilitary force to go throughout the state and confiscate guns as also shared in the excellent video below from YouTube videographer Jerrae Lyn and the story here. Is America beginning to become Nazi Germany of the 1940′s? With this start, what’s to put a stop to it? Will they also target the merchant processing banks too? When will this gun ban go beyond ‘Armed Prohibited Persons’?

Einsatzgruppen are special paramilitary task forces, the most notorious of which were the death squads deployed by Germany’s National Socialist regime. The contemporary American soyuz is lousy with einsatzgruppen, some of which — such as the Pima County, Arizona SWAT team, which murdered Jose Guerena in his Tucson home – behave in a fashion almost indistinguishable from their German antecedents.

The State of California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) has created an einsatzgruppe dedicated exclusively to gun confiscation. Using gun registration lists, the APPS stormtroopers, “arriving in SUVs and dressed in black tactical uniforms … regularly sweep through California cities” to seize firearms from people the state has designated “prohibited persons,” reports the Fresno Bee. A criminal conviction is not necessary for enrollment on the civilian disarmament register; all that is necessary is an official finding by the state’s Welfare bureaucracy that the gun owner is “a danger to himself or others.”

The searches are conducted without warrants — unless the targeted individuals refuse to cooperate, in which case the raiders will “seek a warrant and lock down the house until they get results.” California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will use a $24 million surplus from firearms purchase fees to hire 36 new jackboots for the squad.

So far, California is the only state to deploy a dedicated gun confiscation team — but it isn’t the only one to engage in pre-emptive civilian disarmament.