CA Young Republicans Show Up Big for Kevin Faulconer for San Diego Mayor

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Now it’s time to choose the right leader for San Diego,

Vote Kevin Faulconer for Mayor


One week ago, Young Republicans and College Age Republicans from across the state gathered in San Diego.  Our arms were twisted to walk in beach saddled communities and enjoy high quality dining but ultimately we decided to do the right thing and be of service.

In all seriousness getting anyone to show up and walk without direct payment is always a challenge no matter how ideal the destination.  Democrats thrive off of a paid army of walkers in California and Republicans must count on their volunteer base to cover the gap.  That is exactly what we did the weekend of November 8th.  Walks by YR’s and CR’s and volunteers of all ages have been ongoing in San Diego but for one weekend the largest group of Young Republicans ever, 250+ strong, showed up to walk for Kevin Faulconer for Mayor.  We hit well above 15000 households with a simple message vote for time tested, reliable and responsible leadership.

Are you tired of candidate lip service and rhetoric? Well tomorrow, November 19th on Tuesday, San Diegans will have an opportunity to restore responsible leadership back at the helm in City Hall.  Kevin Faulconer shows up, he works hard, he won’t pander and doesn’t ask for credit whether earned or otherwise, that is the mark of a leader and a statesman.

The new Republican revolution yields a Libertarian bent but is balanced with a pragmatic understanding of building lasting political partnerships.  While Republicans are recognized for our fundamentals, i.e. low taxes, stimulating and incentivizing the private sector leading to real job creation, more efficient government by eliminating waste.  The Republican Party has been short on vision.  We need to answer the questions; What kind of future does our leadership promise the generation of tomorrow?  Are Republicans even culturally relevant?  How does our vision differ in reality from that of the faux Utopian, Big Brother future the Democrats offer us?  Kevin Faulconer received the over whelming support of Young Republicans because he speaks to our culture and we are proud to be a part of it.

I am incredibly proud of the California Young Republican Federation membership for its biggest turnout ever, besting our numbers for Andy Vidak.  A special thanks to Assemblyman Travis Allen an ongoing sponsor and huge supporter of the new generation of Republican leadership.  Also, Senator Joel Anderson, a close and personal friend but also another on the short list of legislators that are truly sincere, hardworking and decent people that we are lucky enough to have representing us in office. Thank you!

We did our part exceeding all expectations, now we are asking San Diegans to do the same.  Unite behind the best candidate for the job to lead San Diego.  Kevin Faulconer is the right choice.