Presidents and Adjectives


In Thursday evening’s WaPo:
“Chastened. Apologetic. Introspective.

Pick your adjective. They all fit President Obama’s tone during a surprisingly lengthy statement-turned-press conference in which he announced an administrative fix to make good on his “if you like your plan, you can keep it” pledge regarding the Affordable Care Act and repeatedly took the blame for the problems with the rollout of the law.

He said he had “fumbled” the ball. Three times. He acknowledged he was unaware of the depth of the problems with And, perhaps most tellingly, he repeated a line from his days on the campaign trail; ”I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president,” Obama said.”

You are right, Mr President. You are not perfect. But you are also not truthful. Nor sympathetic. Nor realistic. Nor humble.

You are vain. You are a dissembler. You are pompous. You are conceited. You are a player.

You, sir, are everything we don’t want as our President, yet you won, not once, but twice because you were able to slither your way to the office, like a snake crawling through the high grass. Say what you will about “Slick Willie” Clinton, he could learn a thing or two from your totally disingenuous demeanor.

And by the way, who do you think you are to tell insurance companies that YOU have given them a reprieve from following the very law you foisted upon them, and us? What section in Article II of the sacred document we call the Constitution does this authority reside? You allegedly were this great Constitutional law professor. What did you teach? How to play the Constitution to fit your needs?

In case you missed that day in class, the Constitution is the LAW, not a casual list of ideas and suggestions that you can follow as it fits your needs.

And by the way, doesn’t this seem like he is trying to put the blame on the insurance companies because they can’t possibly comply by December 15. “See? I changed the law but those terrible profit mongers just won’t go along! It’s their fault!!”

What about the politics of this executive order from this most political president we ever had? “Red State” Democrats complained they were in trouble for the 2014 mid-terms. Maybe they should have thought of these consequences in 2010 when they voted for it and since then, when the House sent over over 30 repeal bills. After all, they didn’t really object when Dictator, uh, Senator Reid wouldn’t let the bills come up for a vote.

Barry isn’t any of the adjectives listed above. He isn’t chastened, because if he were, he would be in Washington now working with both parties to really fix this illegal law. Apologetic? Does anyone think he is sorry for lying to us? And introspective? Are you kidding me? He was searching for the right words that he could say, but not mean, as he was mentally already in Cleveland to discuss his wonderful economy and in Philly for a fundraiser for Democrat Senators and Senate candidates.

So the crystal balls will continue to be juggled. Eventually, either he or the people will get tired of this show and just give up. He is counting on us to  become tired and bored of this three ring circus. Sadly, he isn’t the ringmaster, but rather the circus clown.

And he hopes he can get away with the lies and magic tricks. If he were Richard Nixon, the press and the people would be all over him like butter on bread. But, he isn’t.

Unlike Clinton, he will slither until the people become tired of the act. And he will eventually be crushed by the sheer act of lying constantly to the people. We have had enough, “we are mad as hell! and we can’t take it anymore.”

Soon, I am sure there will be a court case where someone will finally hold this man accountable for this gross violation of the Constitution. Maybe Justice Roberts will get this one right. We shall see.

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