Meteors and Health Care


From today’s Epoch Times:

“Meteors flew over Los Angeles, San Diego, and southern California on Wednesday night, prompting a flood of tweets and calls–and people in Arizona, Chicago, and Texas also reported seeing meteors.

Thousands of people reported seeing a meteor via Twitter and other networks.

“I saw it! Huge flash of light, followed by a streak of light for a few seconds, and then it was gone. Scary but beautiful,” Russ Haigis , a San Diego resident, told Epoch Times.

“I saw the meteor it was huge and broke into three large pieces,” said another person via Twitter.

“Looked like something burning up upon entry into atmosphere, big flareup,” said Mary Slosson.

“Saw meteor in Newport Beach driving south on Pacific Coast Highway, giant blue fireball, white in center with long smoky tail, heading southwest then FLASH!” said another user on Twitter.”

But was it? Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Was it Superman? Or, was it Underdog?!? The cartoon dog who was on TV for only one year back in the 60s, yet made an appearance in the Thanksgiving Day parade until just a few years ago. Is he making a surprise return?

Could it have been the aliens coming back to see what we have done since they were last here during the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment? After all, wasn’t that era the last great explosion of positivity for the benefit of mankind?

Or, maybe it could have been the door opening to another dimension, allowing the past, present and future to converge at this time, in this place? After all, isn’t southern California the country’s most volatile area related to earthquakes, and other different and strange occurrences?

Or, finally, perhaps, the Enterprise came back in time from the 23rd Century to fix the Health Care website since Captain Kirk and Mr Spock were unable to register for coverage. And Scotty couldn’t fix it because it was too slow, not safe or secure,  and illogical. Will Kirk give the order to beam up President Obama and his minions and explain how Dr McCoy was his favorite doctor and even though he liked him, he couldn’t keep him? And Sick Bay was no longer covered in his plan? That he was forced to use the Klingon doctors?

I wonder. Any of these explanations could be as plausible as those actually reported in the Times today. And, if you think about it, there could be other explanations which make as much sense, as well.

So, next time you think you see a meteor shower, think again. It could be something totally unexpected and out of this world. And, the implausible explanation could actually make sense.

These ideas do, don’t they?

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