Election Day 2013


There are two governors’ races which will, depending on the outcomes, could have significant ramifications on national politics in the next few years. The races in New Jersey and Virginia have been focal points, certainly, all year long.

In Virginia, long-time Clinton associate Terry McAuliffe is running against current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who gained national fame as one of the Attorneys General who brought suit against the constitutionality of Obamacare in 2010. Mr McAuliffe is looking to be the first governor elected since 1977, whose party occupied the White House at the time of the governor’s election.

Should McAuliffe win, the Clinton star power will prove to burn as bright and as hot as ever. With a McAuliffe win, look for Hillary to end the speculation and announce her candidacy for the Democrat nomination well before Christmas this year. No one will dare challenge the Clinton machine this time. And if he wins with this strategy, look for it to be used by the Democrats, nationally in 2014.

But should Mr Cuccinelli pull off an upset win, the Clinton people will be, perhaps, mortally wounded politically, causing the Clintons to rethink their strategy. That will be a huge consequence for 2016, and Hillary’s future ambitions.

In New Jersey, Gov Christie is being challenged by State Senator Barbara Buono, whose campaign has been that “Christie is running for President. I am running for Governor.” This actually is not that far from the truth.

But, the Governor has been a voice of moderation in New Jersey politics. He has to be; it is a very blue state and he has shown that he can work with Democrats in the state legislature to get business done, unlike the President and both parties in the Congress.

While the polls show that the Governor has a commanding lead over Senator Buono, as with anything in politics, nothing is certain until all the votes are counted. If Buono upsets Christie in this election, there is no chance the Republican Party would even consider him for dog catcher, let alone President, in 2016. Then, the party will be in disarray as it searches for a nominee. And a repeat of the nightmare of 2012 will be its future.

So, friends, it is Election Day in these United States. This is the day you get to be heard, by your vote, and people must listen. But if you fail to exercise your constitutional right and duty, and you don’t like the result of the election, you have only yourself to blame. And you really have no right to complain.

Vote early and sit back to watch democracy truly at work. No other country does it with such drama and flair. And thank heaven, the Fates, the aliens, or whatever, that you were born here to bear witness to such a wonderful event, without fear or reprisal for your choices.

That alone is worth the price of your ballot.

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