I have written several commentaries about the Affordable Care Act, which we have determined is not affordable at all. And I have argued repeatedly that this was the most confusing and unjust law ever foisted upon the American people because it was just so cumbersome to read and understand.

After all, it was passed in the dead of  night one fine March night in 2010 after nobody cared to read it. We were told it had to be passed in order to see what is in it.

Not one Republican in either House voted for it, yet, we were told it was the law because the Democrats in the Congress passed it and the Democrat President signed it. That sounds like it’s very Amerikan, doesn’t it? And the Supreme Court? They stood up for Amerikan values by ruling that it was constitutional, and said the Congress needs to fix the errors in the law, not the Court. Sounds like a push away to me.

And now, finally, we find out that the President either knowingly deceived us when he said “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period” or he is an incompetent fool who had no idea what he signed. Which of these options is worse, the liar or the ass?

And of course, the Obama apologists were on all the Sunday shows, trying to sugarcoat and whitewash the President’s “misstatements” and “out of context” words. Hey, jerks, if he said it once, it could be a misstatement. And in the world of our modern technology, the full text exists. And nothing was taken out of context.

“I never had sexual relations with that woman” was sworn to by a recent President in a court of law and he was impeached for the lie. Another President said “it’s not the deed, it’s the lie” that gets one in trouble and he was run out of town by everyone.

Finally, finally, the mainstream media and press is now doing its job and reporting the inequities and the fallacies in the law. Why is that? Did they get letters in the mail that the insurance that they have enjoyed and wanted to keep is no longer available? It has become personal.

And for anyone to say that it is the insurance companies’ fault, well, that is just ludicrous because, the law spells out what the insurance company is permitted to do. And to blame the employer? Well, again, the employer is required to follow the law.  An unjust, and quite frankly, illegal law.

So, now, will the media pursue the lie or the incompetence of Obama  with the same fervor they chased Clinton and Nixon? It would be in their best interests to do so. Or for sure, they will be nothing but ostriches with their heads in the sand.

And, by the way, remember that this President outsourced the building of his website to a company in a foreign country, forgoing the creation of American jobs to take care of a friend of his wife. Hmmm. How is that working out now?

And just for good measure, the current Press Secretary, Jay Carney, gained his reputation by being a dogged critic of President Bush when he was at Time. Now, he is just a lap dog.

So, will this unfair law, known as Obamacare, finally die the death it deserves. Or does nobody care?

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