A Weekend in New England and Elsewhere

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On the lighter side today, I want to write about a beautiful weekend. It was a crisp, typical autumn weekend here in the northeast, a wonderful October sky, blue, deep blue, with the wind blowing breezily, carrying leaves in its path and perfect for pumpkin picking, leaf peeping, cider drinking and football watching.

For some, people would go out east here on Long Island, where the farms were selling the earth’s bounty, and buy the apples, pumpkins, fresh and roasted corn, taking it all back to enjoy the fall in its Long Island glory. Others would go to the northern tiers of New England and upstate New York, taking in the beauty of autumn, as the deciduous trees, for the most part, were reaching peak, with deep reds, bright oranges and colorful yellows mixed in so beautifully with the evergreen conifers, which will look beautiful in December and January with icicles and snow weighing them down a bit.

And what about those romantics who went to the Hamptons, Cape Cod, Mystic or the Jersey Shore, to enjoy the chill blowing off the water during the day, and having that special, warm, candlelight dinner that night, with a nice merlot or cab to go with the meat dish or the Pinot Grigio with the seafood plate, they ordered? Younger couples may have gone to propose a marriage, while older folks could have gone to rekindle theirs.

And of course, there was the traffic. Plenty of it. Because God and Nature doesn’t put any if this in the middle of downtown or midtown to make it all convenient. But we really don’t care about the traffic, do we? We know it will be there on the way to our destinations and on the way back. But if we really love the person we are with, does the traffic matter to us? I don’t think it does, because we are talking to our loved one about the weekend plan going and the fun we had doing what we planned coming back. So we don’t even realize there is traffic. I mean, really! Do we?

So, I hope you all had a weekend to remember, to look back on as the snow flies this winter, with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart, and a smile on your face from the memory you created this past Saturday or Sunday, or both days. It was a weekend to cherish.

Just so you know, I know I will.

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