My Name Is Dick _________


In today’s Washington Examiner:

“Top House Republican leaders — backed by the White House — are refuting a claim by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., that a high-level GOP lawmaker told President Obama in a recent private meeting, “I cannot even stand to look at you.”

The incident, according to a message Durbin posted on his Facebook page, took place during closed-door negotiations at the White House during the 16-day government shutdown.

White House spokesman Jay Carney disputed Durbin’s claim Wednesday, citing information provided by “a participant in the meeting”,

“It did not happen,” Carney said.”

Why does Senator Durbin think he can make an untrue statement and have the audacity to stand by his statement, when even the spokesman for the intended “defamee” denied that the incident took place? I am sure Jay Carney would not have denied the incident if it actually happened.

This gives one pause to question other alleged inflammatory statements made by the the Senator in the past. By his intransigence in his position here, it could lead one to believe that he is lying about other issues for which a senior person did not deny. But apparently, Mr Carney had to deny the statement because too many others were in the room who denied the statement was made, and his credibility would have tanked had he supported the Senator, or worse, said nothing at all.

And as for Senator Durbin? Well, he has taken the position to stand by his statement, which seems to be a bit audacious since in his heart, he has to know that he lied and got caught. You would think he would be ashamed to have put himself in this embarrassing position.

But, he has no one to blame but himself, and unfortunately, he has put his comment and his confirmation out there in cyberspace via Facebook, which now even if he wanted to delete and deny the lie he made, he knows he can’t. Hence, his stonewalling.

Senator, perhaps, even as the admission by you that you lied so blatantly would be humiliating to your pride and ego, wouldn’t that be better than to be thought forever as someone whose words could never again be trusted? As one who holds the high office of Senator, being considered to be untrustworthy going forward from this place brings disgrace upon you and the formerly respected office you hold.

Then you would be considered no better than a certain President who resigned because he thought the lie to live with was better than the deed which caused it.


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