Children’s Hospital At Dartmouth


Those of you who follow me know that I am a recent cancer victim, but now a survivor, who will from time to time try to educate all of us of the effects of this curse on mankind. But when I do, it is to make you aware that sometimes, while it is tragic that it will hit an older adult like me, it is devastating when it diagnosed in someone under 18, before they even had a chance to make his or her mark in this world.
I had two friends, Jerry Bonastelli and Jimmy Walkewicz, who died within a year of each other, Jerry in 1963 of brain cancer and Jimmy in 1964 of leukemia. It was especially devastating to me because in each case, I was one of the two altar boys called upon to serve their requiems.
Understand that in the early 60s, there was virtually no technology or even knowledge how to diagnose, treat and protect recurrence of cancer, generally, or deal with this at all, at the pediatric level.
Today, of course, cancer can be diagnosed much earlier as we have so many means of awareness and prevention available, as well as, treatment, which did not exist even twenty years ago. And of course, our doctors and nurses are so much more aware to spot the earliest possible signs before it becomes a raging fire inside our bodies.
This morning, I woke up to the repeat of The Five, a FoxNews roundtable discussion show of the day’s news. At the end of the show, each panelist is to discuss “One More Thing” which generally a lighter side issue in 30 seconds or less. Eric Bolling chose to discuss a video put out by the nurses at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CH@D), set to the music of Katy Perry’s “Roar”.
I have provided the link to the video which has been made to do fund-raising for the kids at that hospital.


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