As The World Turns


If the government were a business, right now, the officers (the Congress) and the CEO (the President) would be in deep doo-doo with the stockholders (us). I mean, after all, if they didn’t do their jobs, as they didn’t, no way would they continue to be paid.

And all the minions who work for these guys (or actually didn’t) wouldn’t be secure in their positions, either.

But, this is not private business. No, this is the government at “not work”. It is shameful that this is permitted to go on without consequence.

And, now that the dust has cleared, how is it going? Well, the workers who were furloughed are back from their unscheduled paid vacation. That’s nice. And the scandals, well, they are wilting on the stem with no redress from any congressional committee. Excellent!

Yes, folks, it’s the way the government world turns. It’s like a real life soap opera. And guess what? Right after the New Year, we get to do it again. Something to look forward to.

So get ready, it will be here before we know it. And that, my friends, is why these fools decided to take the government jobs they have.

Because otherwise they would be pounding the pavement like so many of us are doing since they can’t do their jobs.

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