Why, Mr Redford?


Once again, a Hollywood icon has decided to play the part of political pundit. Robert Redford, the man who ran for the Senate in The Candidate, has weighed in on the present budget and debt ceiling agreement by stating that the Republican position is motivated by, get this, “racism”. Why, Mr Redford?

Why is it that it was ok for Hollywood to consider George W Bush, a man who holds a Masters in Business Administration and a graduate of Yale, a dunce, and yet think that the alleged Constitutional lawyer presently holding the office is a genius, when all he seems to do is violate the Constitution? Why Mr Redford?

Why is it ok for you to engage in name-calling, when it suits your agenda, but if a conservative or a Republican does the same, he is an insensitive jerk? Why, Mr Redford?

Why are people, who have honest and real differences of opinion, and who don’t belong to your party, get lumped in with the likes of real bigots, who happened to be members of your party, like Gore,Sr, Kefauver, Maddox, Wallace, Stennis, Ervin, Long, Smathers, Eastland or Fullbright, just to name a few? Why, Mr Redford?

And, finally, why is it that you never hear from the likes of James Woods, LL Cool J, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Tim Allen, Don King, Karl Malone, FiftyCent or the Rock to agree with your absolutely biased opinion? Why is that, Mr Redford?

Perhaps, Mr Redford, that while you are entitled to your opinion, and these colleagues of yours are entitled to theirs, they understand that sometimes one can make a greater impression by leading by example, than opening your mouth and showing how really stupid you really are. Once you say it, in this great technological society, no matter how hard you try, you can’t take it back. There is no chance for a retake.

So, maybe the next time you and your liberal compatriots have a penchant to say something stupid, and actually mean-spirited, take a clue from Laura Ingraham and Shut Up and Sing. You will be better off.

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