The Real Three Stooges


So, what is non-essential personnel anyway? Is it the Park Ranger? No. Is it the soldier in the field? No, again. What about the 400,000 civilian employees in the Defense Department? Not on your life. Or, all the people who have been sent home until the Shutdown is over? Well, if they are going to be paid all their back pay when they come back to work, why not have them come back now, so that the people’s business can be done? I mean, seriously!

Actually, since the Speaker, the Majority Leader and the President can’t find the time, or make an effort to resolve this stupidity, wouldn’t they and the minions in both houses who speak their talking points be considered non-essential? After all, if they can’t work together to get our work done, then maybe they should stay home and not get paid. And not be eligible for back pay. Then, we will see how quickly things get resolved.

Yes, I know what it says in Article 1 and also the 27th Amendment. It would be unconstitutional to withhold pay for any elected Congressional or executive employee during a current term. But by not doing their jobs, they are certainly not acting like our elected representatives. Couldn’t that be unconstitutional, too?

I mean, the three stooges, Barry, John and Harry certainly are acting more ridiculous than Moe, Larry and Curly ever did. At least these guys weren’t serious; they were just three funny guys acting like clowns. The other guys, well, they aren’t funny, they aren’t serious. And they aren’t clowns, at least in the comedic sense. No, they are just three buffoons. Taking our money and running this country into ruin.

As a matter of full disclosure, I am a registered Republican. I don’t vote party, however, I vote the person. I am a Republican so that I can vote in primaries in my state, if the bosses don’t take that right away from us. The Democrat Party of JFK, Scoop Jackson and Harry Truman doesn’t exist anymore. But the Republican Party of Reagan, Rockefeller and Ford died an ignominious death long ago, too.

So, to see what our “leadership” is doing is an absolute disgrace to what leaders did in years past. Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and others found the way to lead. What is there now doesn’t understand what “Presidential” means. It certainly doesn’t mean to try and denigrate or destroy the loyal opposition. But the other two stooges are just as guilty of a great fraud of leadership, too. Name-calling is not how leaders conduct business, whether it’s for profit or for the people.

These three are as non-essential to government as Captain Kirk was when the M-5 was installed on the Enterprise. The difference here and with Moe, Larry, and Curly was that this was all fiction.

Sadly, our elected stooges are the reality we are stuck with. And we have only ourselves to blame.

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. But nobody is laughing, are they?!?

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