VIDEO: Government Forced Kid Cages

Government Forced Kid Cages

 “Kid Cages”
kids in cage

In parts of New Mexico children have no choice but to wait for their school bus inside of cages. These “kid cages” are the result of government agencies abuse of the Endangered Species Act. The United States Fish & Wildlife Service has placed wolves in populated areas where they have become an economic burden for small business owners, infringed upon private property rights, burdened taxpayers with management costs, and placed fear in the hearts of those who have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Hear stories and see footage of Kid Cages here in Wolves in Government Clothing


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Gray Wolf Face The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been transformed from a balanced conservation policy to an instrument used to pursue radical environmental agendas. Abuses of the ESA have led to thousands of job losses, hundreds of terminated projects, and countless invasions of private property rights. It’s time for United States Congress to reform the act. Take a minute out of your day to DEMAND reform here!

1) State’s rights should not be infringed through broad applications of the Commerce Clause.

2) Plants and animals not in danger of extinction should not be granted rights that impede business, industry and livelihoods.

3) Economic consequences should once again be considered in the rule making process.

4) Agents of the Federal government should be held personally responsible when they exceed their authority and create financial hardships for hardworking Americans.

Opportunity for everyone to live the American dream requires that the ESA be reformed.

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David Spady
California Director
Americans for Prosperity