Mark Who?


Wow! One game out! Who’d a thunk it when the season began? I know, 3-2 after five weeks into the season doesn’t get you into the Super Bowl or even into the wild card round of the playoffs. But, after five weeks, which football team owns New York now? Not the 0-5 Giants, that’s for sure!

Rookie Geno Smith has taken this team that wasn’t given a prayer’s chance in hell and has given Jet Nation something to cheer about, something to root for. Realistically, if the Jets ended with 7, 8, or even (gulp) 9 wins, this would be a great season. Knowing that there are two great quarterbacks in Brady and Manning (no, not Eli) and several really good, experienced QBs like Luck, Newton, Flacco and Rivers in the AFC, the chances of Smith getting the Jets into the first round hinges on a wing, a prayer, and more than a few breaks.

But, like the old adage goes, “Any given Sunday” right?

And in five weeks, the new face of the  Jets’ defense is none other than home-grown local talent, Muhammad  Wilkerson, the 2011 first round draft pick Defensive End, who has, in short order, made us fans forget the star who Rex Ryan called “the best defensive player in the game.” What was that name? Derrell who?

Yes, fans, the Jets have showed that they are not going down quietly, like their co-tenants in MetLife Stadium. While it would be a dream come true for the Jets to play in the Super Bowl this season in their own home, the reality is that, right now at least, there are too many obstacles in the way, starting with the team just up I-95 a bit.

But, it’s ok, because they aren’t the team at  0-5, that plays in the same venue. That, by itself, is cause for celebration. And maybe, just maybe our bad luck all these years was caused by Fireman Ed, who decided not to continue as the team’s self-proclaimed mascot. Yay!

So, raise your voices and cheer: J-E-T-S  Jets Jets JETS! And say good-bye to all the bad rubbish. And enjoy the rest of the season, because, remember, we are not 0-5!

Go Jets!

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