Sadness In DC


On Thursday, a woman died as a result of driving recklessly in the capital district, crashing first at the White House barricades, and then apparently panicked when she saw the police and secret service chase her with guns drawn. She turned away quickly and raced toward the Capitol Building.When she arrived there after a police chase she crashed again through the barricades at the Capitol and was surrounded. Shots were fired at the car and she was killed. Fortunately, her two year old was not physically injured. But, because the woman suffered from untreated post-partum depression, this child will grow up without her mom.

So, what is my point here?Well, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) decided to get up on the floor of the House of Representatives to blame the Republicans and the government shutdown for this tragedy.

 Speaking on the House floor hours after the incident, Jackson Lee said “rather than respond in a way that leaves” federal employees unemployed, the House should pass a short-term resolution with nothing attached to it in order to open the government.

I have provided a link of the entire story for your review:

Why do any of our representatives take to the Floor of the Congress, in either House, and try to link themselves or their agenda to every possible tragedy that befalls our country? It’s a shame that “linkage” is the way to go for our elected officials, rather than looking at the mirror and see the person who is really responsible for this mess we find our country.
Taking a senseless tragedy that has no bearing on both parties’ ineptitude to do their jobs is the height of hubris.  But I suppose that if the President is able to get away with it, Members of Congress must feel that they are free to do the same.
And sadly, no one holds any of them accountable for their words or their deeds. When the free press fails to reveal the flaws and faults of our leaders, then it is no longer really free.
Then, it is a sad day for the Nation.
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