Let’s Clear the Air



Guess what, folks? As this is written on October 3, we are two-thirds through the 2013 Hurricane Season and we have had but two hurricanes. The global warming alarmists are trying to now say this is part of the global warming pattern.


I agree we need to protect our environment, the atmosphere, the world in which, at least at this juncture, this is the only place where we know for sure we can survive. And for the foreseeable future, we won’t be setting up colonies on the moon or Mars, or any other celestial body in this or any other Solar System. After all, it’s not the 23rd century yet, is it?

Seriously, we need to have a realistic and sober conversation to protect this rock from a hard place no one wants. We do need to find ways to utilize energy cleaner, safer and inexpensively, because until now with all the talk since the early 70s, we haven’t done a very good job to achieve any of that.

The environmental lobby is just as guilty as the polluters they despise because rather than spending their time, effort and money telling us all what we should be doing, the right thing for them to have done is lead the way by example. And the government has wasted BILLIONS of of our dollars through the Environmental Pretending Agency to waste money on ideas that really won’t work, like solar panels, wind farms and the like. Because we all want it until we become NIMBYs (not in my back yarders).

There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around, starting with the biggest hypocrite, Al Gore. This is a man who wants us all to cut down on fossil fuels but has no problem living in a 10,000 square foot house or flying on a private jet. How is that house lit and heated? By sticks and rocks? But there are others, too. T Boone Pickens has talked a big game regarding cheap alternative energy, but until now has failed to deliver on that promise, which goes back to at least 2007. Yes, he is developing various sources of energy, but not at the risk of losing his shirt over it.

So, what makes this season all part of the pattern? Well, really nothing. The earth has had years, 4.5 billion of them actually, to act and react however we want it to work to fit our own limited agendas. But, in actuality, we are just a part of the grand scheme of the total play.

Yes, our habits do affect the planet in some way, but the forces of nature are greater than anything we can do. Look at the tremendous volcanic activity occurring at this time. Why isn’t that also considered when discussing global warming? It affects us and the environment as much as our own behaviors.

The Kyoto Protocol, which many countries have not agreed to, is a framework to base a reasonable discussion on this issue. It is not the answer by any means. But it is a good first step.

After all, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Now is the time to take the second.


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