Fun City Politics



The New York City mayoral primary race is coming mercifully to an end. For those of us who live in the greater New York metropolitan area, this race has been the most convoluted and nauseating race ever run.

The Republican race is fairly simple: John Castimitidis, businessman and  Chairman of Gristedes Grocery Stores and Red Apple Real Estate Group, is running against Joe Lhota, former Chairman of the MTA, former Deputy Mayor of Operations in the Giuliani Administration and a former banker for First Boston. In addition, prior to his role at MTA, he was a senior executive at Cablevision/MSG. There are others, but none with these impressive resumes.

On the Democrat side, there are six candidates running, of which I will mention the top four: Bill DeBlasio, currently the Public Advocate, Christine Quinn, currently the Speaker of the City Council, Bill Thompson, former Comptroller and former Chairman of the Battery Park City Authority, and Anthony Weiner, former Congressman from Brooklyn and Queens. Again, there are others, but none with these impressive resumes.

Presently, it has been reported by many sources, including the New York Times, that due to the minimal number of Republicans in the City, it is hard-pressed to get a fair gauge of the Republican primary turnout and results. Essentially, it is too close to call.

However, the Democrat polling has been all over the political landscape, with each of these four candidates holding the lead at various times during the campaign. At this point, DeBlasio leads the pack with 38% of the poll numbers. If he wins 40% or more of the actual vote, no runoff will be required and he will be the nominee.

If he fails to gain the requisite vote, the two top vote-getters will face each other in a run-off in two weeks. The same will occur, should no one on the Republican side reach the required 40%, as well.

Just a quick word about Anthony Weiner. At one time, while he was still a Congressman, he was a sure bet to be the City’s next mayor. Since his sexting scandal, it appeared at first his career was over. When he announced in May his intention to run, it seemed the voters were willing to forgive him. But since additional information was revealed of his recent sexting, he has fallen from first to non-existent.

Essentially, his career is over once this campaign is done. Perhaps, he can now prioritize his life and put his political life behind him, if for no one else, but for his child.

So, by the time you read this, the results will be in. Then, it will make as much sense to you as it does to those of us who live here. None. And that’s why it’s called Fun City.