ROI and a Great Ad



Advertising can and does play an impact on our lives everyday. We know that, as Americans, the biggest day to watch the ads on television is Super Bowl Sunday. It is going to cost advertisers $4 million for each 30 second spot, with beer, soda, snack, pizza and car ads taking most of the spots. Fox is reporting that 90% of the spots have already been bought for this season’s Super Bowl in February.

CBS garnered $3.8 million per 30 second spot for Super Bowl 2013.

But this commentary isn’t about Super Bowl ads. Instead, there is a commercial presently being played involving several men playing basketball in wheelchairs in what appears to be a high school gym.

The best part of this ad is that you have no idea that it is a beer commercial until the last ten seconds. It plays on your compassion, making you believe that all six players were disabled.

And it appears that they are playing a rough and tough game, without giving thought to personal injury to oneself or the other players involved. The voice-over is quiet and resolute, as the narrator tells the story of the six men playing the game.

It doesn’t matter the cost to buy time for this ad. It is worth every penny BBDO paid to get it made and delivered. After seeing the ad, you, too, will feel as I did.

No money spent on Super Sunday ads will bring the same effect as this one does. Watch the ad below and see if you don’t agree that this already is one of the best ads ever done. It is a classic, much like Mean Joe Greene and the kid in the Coke ad almost 34 years ago.

Kinda gets you in the heart strings, doesn’t it?


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