Stix Won the Android From the Kolski Campaign!

Chris Kolski


Our very own Doug Welsh of Stix Blog won an Android Tablet from the Kolski campaign.

Everybody else: even though the campaign is in CA and Doug is in IL, he
did enough social media work online to win the Android from the campaign.

We’re still giving away an Android Tablet every week to the person at
the top of our leader-board (employees of the campaign can’t win)

The Dem super-majority in the CA assembly went away when former incumbent
Bargainin’ Bob campaigned for the LA City Council while sitting as a D
assemblyman. When he won (for a bigger paycheck) he resigned his
assembly seat the day he was sworn in to the LA City Council a few weeks
ago. If Chris wins, the super-majority in Sacramento is gone and they
have to find a Republican to cross the aisle if they want to raise taxes
in CA again. Election is Sept 17.

There are 7 Democrats in this race playing pirhana and Chris is looking
pretty good, he’s well known in the district because he’s run before -
came in second last time, and this time there’s no incumbent.

You’re welcome to participate and win – and elect a great candidate -
the link below has a table that tells you how to earn the most points
and win (hint: phone bank)