Healthcare? What Health Care?


Once upon a time, a senator from San Francisco named Nancy Pelosi urged the Congress to pass the bill called the “Affordable Health Care Act”, nicknamed “Obamacare”, which, unfortunately was a whole lot of pages. The folks in DC kind of complained that they didn’t have time to read this humungous, wordy bill, but dear Nancy said, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”. Say what? These are “our” representatives, and they SHOULD read and digest everything they have to vote on. But in this instance, for whatever sordid reason, they did not and went ahead and passed it anyway. Thanks, guys. This ‘universal health care’ bill was supposed to lower premiums for insurance, and cover a whole lot of folks who didn’t have healthcare at all. The President even said so. Right. (He says a lot of things that just are not true.) The government is now in charge of healthcare?? Well, let’s see how the government did on the other entities they took over: Social Security = broke. Post Office = broke. Medicare and Medical =both broke. Let’s not even look at Fannie Mae’s plight. Oh my. Not a good record at all, and we are entrusting our HEALTH to this behemoth of failure? Really? Already, premiums have skyrocketed and the dang thing isn’t even fully implemented yet! With what I pay as a premium and the other half that my employer pays, it’s well over $1000. One has to be pretty sick to use that up! The government, of course, doesn’t care and will use these premiums to pay for healthcare for some folks who don’t have any. Those folks, by the way, already had access to medicare and California’s medical insurance, so why would they need Obamacare? The real problem, however, is what is IN this bill that has nothing to do with medicine. For example, putting the IRS in charge of some parts? Why, haven’t they already soaked the populace enough already? This whole Obamacare fiasco even has the Democrats worried now. Of course, liberals have short term memory loss, and it took them a while to actually realize what was going on. Maybe we should call this program “Obummercare” cause it truly is a ‘bummer’. If you are not upset and angry yet, you are not paying attention!!